Thursday, March 29, 2007

The Junkyard

To appreciate this place, you have to be able to get a sense of its size, considering it sits along an old country road outside of Taneytown. I the photo to the right (best seen at larger size by clicking on it), the cars actually stretch from before the old mill on the right to quite a ways beyond the bran all the way on the left. The areas in between the buildings are jam-packed with rusted old cars and it's impossible to see from the road just how far back the piles of old junkers goes. From the road, I could see dozens.

In among the truly awful are a few gems however, such as this classic old Hudson. Too bad the body is in two pieces! The contrast between the emblem and the completely rusted grill makes for an interesting picture.

It's rather amusing to see how many different types of cars are in this lot - everything from old classics to sports cars and everything in between. I did have to laugh when I noticed the sign along the road though. Would anyone really notice if someone dumped some more junk here?

But my favorite from this morning's trip is this one of the front side of the old mill. See if you see what I see in this picture.

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Anonymous said...

I visited the area and it is beautiful open country with rolling hills and many farm animals. I'll bet his neighbors love to see all the "junk" beside their old country road. Maybe he should sell some of it.